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May 31 2007

Picking a Niche is EVERYTHING in Affiliate Marketing

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

A lot of people have asked me : “Amit, how do you pick a niche?”


I go to conferences, such as the Affiliate Summit, and I talk to merchants and affiliate networks. I interview them, I find out which niches are hot and which are not.

Here are some questions I like to ask:

  1. Do your top affiliates use ppc to promote your affiliate program?
  2. How much do your top affiliates make?

If they say ANYTHING less than a $100,000/month I walk.

Think about it. Are you going to waste your time in a niche where the super affiliates are making a measly $10,000/month in commissions? If you think $10,000/month is a lot, then you need to THINK BIGGER.

Let me tell you a little secret: let’s say you can have 3 affiliate promotions, you can put the same amount of effort launching each promotion, researching the keywords, making landing pages, setting up your Adwords campaigns, etc, etc, etc.

With the SAME EXACT EFFORT you can make $10k/month profit in one promotion, $100k/month profit in another promotion, and $1 million/month profit in yet another promotion. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE NICHE YOUR IN.

Many affiliate are stuck in the rut of promoting affiliate programs where they are capped at $10k/month.

Find the right niche and you will be blown away how easy this business really is.


  1. So I haven’t seen any suggestions. Go Big is easy but how about some good Big suggestions.



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