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Apr 9 2008

Does Direct Linking Still Work?

You know, there’s a lot of affiliate out there telling people that direct linking no longer works, and that they shouldn’t waste their time with it.

I was one of these affiliate.

But in the paste several months I’ve come full circle.

Here’s some success stories :

  1. I meet two guys at Yanik’s Underground. One guy is NETTING $50k/month with all direct linking campaigns. Another guy is making $100k in revenues a month with direct linking (with HIGH ROI).
  2. One of my students is netting $1000-$1300/day profit from just 3 direct linking campaigns he launched. He used the strategies I taught him combined with some genius insight into what markets to promote.
  3. Another one of my students is netting $500/day profit – her first big success, following the EXACT strategies I laid out in my coaching program and in this post.

Also, I’ve just recently launched a direct linking campaign, it’s already profitable, and continues to quickly grow as I split test my ads and add more keywords.

The biggest advantage of direct linking is that it allows you to quickly test a market without a huge invest of your time. No matter how much market research you do, quickly testing lots of affiliate offers is really the best way to find the big winners.

So if you’re struggling to make landing pages, I recommend that you FIRST do direct linking and get 10-20 campaigns going.

You can easily launch 5-10 campaigns a week if you’re focus and disciplined.

Once you find a big winner, reinvest your profits into hiring a decent web designer and writer to build you a site. Once you have a real site up, your traffic will go WAAAY UP!

And so will your profits! :)

The biggest drawback to direct linking is that you’ll only get about 20% impression share (in most cases), however, this problem is easily solved with your own site.

Many of you have been asking for case studies, I’ll be doing several case studies in the beginning of May showing some concrete examples, so stay tuned!


  1. Jeff says:

    I need to mention what i’ve experienced with direct linking. I’m pretty sure i’ve found a way to do direct linking without getting slapped. I discovered this because I already had an established landing page for a campaign. After I realized google was shutting down direct linking “so to speak” I set the Display URL and the Landing URL to my own Landing page. Then all I did was edit my keywords and redirect every singe word straight to my affiliate offer. This has been working perfectly for me!

  2. Annie says:

    Today I’m at the end of my tether, having had all my direct linking campaigns totally shut down over 4 weeks by Google. I don’t know where to turn next or what to do. I have paid out a lot of money trying to buy the right domain names so that they will match the product URL. I then forwarded on from the domain site to the product site through my hoplinks. But nothing works. AdWords doesn’t accept anything I do.

    Surely there are sites we can use other than Adwords? These b******s don’t have the monopoly do they? Where am I going to earn enough to stay alive? I have zero website skills. I’m getting in debt. Feel like giving up right now and stacking supermarket shelves. It’s got to be less stressful that this.

  3. Archimedes says:


    Hello Online Marketing Gurus,
    I am posting this message to all the guru sites out there to get a final definitive answer to my frustration with google new rules. I really wish someone could help me. I have been researching and researching and reading and reading everything there is about adwords and I see so many people making so much money online. Yet after 10 years I never really

  4. Ron says:


    If you can’t find the answer on this blog or the google web master page, may I suggest this site.

    I would think if you had 160 web sites that had at least
    5 pages of content at a minimum. Content that is extremely targeted. Where the keywords are within the first 50 words of the post or page. With the URL derived from the targeted keywords (multi worded keywords, like People sometimes tell not to use hypens in the URL , but the search engines love them. So you have a URL called, your site is only about “burn belly fat”. Set up some adsense on your site as well. If you could get a $1 a day from each site, then you maybe could be on your way.

    It seems like you have the drive it takes and as Tony Robbins says “you have the must” needed. And you have the resources in the 160 URL’s.

    Adwords is just part of the game. SEO things like content, linking and back linking is needed as well.

    Keep your adwords ads relevant to the web page (WEB PAGE) not just the whole site in general. IF you make a post or page about “burning belly fat in 3 steps” you need you ad to reflect that web page or post title.

    “Help Google to help you”


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