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Aug 8 2012

Cutting Edge Hands-off SEO and Miro-Outsourcing Strategies

I know, my expertise is PPC, and that’s what I still primarily do.

However, I spend a good couple months this year studying SEO strategies and using a weird site call that’s completely changing the way content creation, SEO, and social media is done.

No joke.

Check out this presentation I put together:

For more cutting edge affiliate marketing strategies check out:

If you decided to promote PC HealthBoost, then Peter and I will personally coach you. ;)


  1. Yo ProfitSwami – Fiverr rocks dude. I have a dude who does all the voiceovers for my podcast through fiverr, at 5 bucks a pop. But fiverr does not rock as much as eating bread. You should do a video of you just like punishing a baguette, and washing it down with some commercial dairy.

  2. Alex says:

    Great tips about sending a press release first. In fact, I do notice that whenever my site drop in ranking, sending a press release will help to bring back and stabilize the ranking.

  3. I’m just new to SEO. Thanks for sharing brilliant ideas. This can help a lot.

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