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Aug 2 2010

Account History versus Account Quality Score

“Another Adwords post?”

YES, that’s going to be my main focus for a while. Let’s just say there’s LOTS of GREAT STUFF I’ve picked up recently.

Here’s are 2 big BIG question:

  • How important is the age of your account?
  • If you ran low QS campaigns when you first started OR if any of your campaigns ever got slapped, will it effect future campaigns?

Let’s tackle the first question…


Account age, or account history as they call it, is HUGE in the beginning.

When you first start a new account you get slapped with a huge penalty, about 30-40% higher CPC and much less traffic, until you establish around 4 months (give or take) of payment history.

If you’re starting a new account THIS IS A BIG DEAL. If you’re getting hammered with high CPC and wondering where all the traffic is, know that it will pass in a few months!

You gotta protect your account like you’re life depended on it, because starting fresh can be serious pain in the ass and VERY costly, until you rebuild your account history.


Here’s the flip side…

If you started an Adwords account when you were a newbie and did some dumb stuff, or you’ve had a couple campaigns slapped (QS : 1/10), then I got some bad news for you:

Your account will NEVER perform as well an account that had has never been slapped (or never had a poor quality score history).

Ever heard stories of so and so killing in a particular market after starting a new Adwords account?

Having a pristine account is HUGE.

So what should you do? I would recommend starting a gold account, where you run ONLY fully optimized campaigns. Run some small campaigns on it for 6 months or so (high CTR, high QS stuff only) so it can build a SOLID account quality score and build account history.


  1. Jon says:

    I have had 2 Adwords accounts. One was “deactivated” and can no longer be used. The other was my original account that I did some dumb stuff with in the beginning so will never have a good account QS – but is still active. So how do I go about creating another account? Is it possible to create another account with my real name if one of my accounts had been deactivated?

  2. Amit says:

    Hi Jon,

    If your account get banned, you need to be very careful launching a new one, it can’t be in your name or CC. I would suggest that you continue to use your current account while building up a new account with campaign with small spend (and high CTR) and let it run for 6 months and build up some solid history.

    They you can start transferring your top campaigns to there.


  3. gary martins says:

    Hi Amit,

    IM / PPC newbie, went through the PPC classroom 2.0 course, and listened to practically every webinar, AWESOME course!

    I recently got accepted to a few CPA networks too, after being rejected by a couple, that was pretty cool to finally get in.

    I have started with direct linking campaigns in adwords, but have been finding the CPC for the keywords I get from google’s keyword tool to be out of sight for my budget. The CPA offers that are suggested in PPC classroom like education, debt reduction, etc have some expensive competition. How can a newbie break into these markets?

  4. gary martins says:

    Can I work for you for free? Like Napoleon Hill?

    Like you had, I have a full time job in IT that I can’t stand and barely pays the bills. I would only be able to work nights, but I would do whatever you wanted.

  5. Amit says:

    Hey Gary

    Email me at amit [at] superaffiliatemindset [dot] com

    Send me your resume as well

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