Super Affiliate Mindset | Insights and Thoughts from a World Class Internet Marketer

Super Affiliate Mindset Insights and Thoughts from a World Class Internet Marketer

Aug 6 2015

I’m launching a Workshop, You’re Invited

I’ve recently teamed up with one of the smartest minds in the growth hacking world: Dmitry from We’re launching a growth hacking workshop together here in Boston! It’s gonna be a game changer.

Dmitry has recently released a jaw-dropping 26-page special report about growth hacking, titled: “3 Real Reasons Startups Fail”



This 26-page report gives you a taste of the advanced growth hacking strategies we’ll be helping you put to work at the workshop.

Download Dmitry’s special report & find out more about the workshop now:

As you read this entire report, you’ll discover the critical pitfalls you need to avoid to succeed:

* Outsourcing Sinkhole: On page 10 Dmitry reveals a pitfall that will shock you.  Because it goes against everything you’ve been told.

* User Acquisition Trap: Why before you fix this problem, “hockey stick” new user growth can kill your startup.  Almost no one understands
this. (page 15)

* Product Market Pitfall: on page 20 Dmitry shows you the exact steps he followed, and pitfall we faced, to scale a startup from
0 to 40 million pageviews.

Click below to optin to download Dmitry’s special report now

P.S. After you optin to download Dmitry’s special report, you’ll be put on a special ‘early bird’ list.

You’ll get a chance to register for our workshop, 2 hours before the rest of the world. This is important because seating will be extremely limited.

Jun 16 2015

From Zero to $12 Million to Bust ?

That’s right, my last company, Boost Software, Inc, went from zero to $12 million to bust in just a couple years!

I reveal all the gory details in my new book From Zero to $12 Million to Bust!: Inc 5000 CEO Reveals How to Avoid These 9 Hidden Traps that can Destroy Your Business.


On my ProfitSwami blog I talked more about what you’ll discover as you read this book.

Aug 21 2012

Advanced Adwords Strategies Revealed

Ok, in this video I’m going to reveal strategies I’ve NEVER reveal on this blog before, so pay attention.

Worried about getting slapped by Google? I’ll show you how to make a 100% Google compliant site that will not get slapped.

Want to know how to edge out your Adwords competition? I’ll reveal little know strategies to shot up your quality score – almost no one is dong this.

For more cutting edge strategies check out:

Aug 8 2012

Cutting Edge Hands-off SEO and Miro-Outsourcing Strategies

I know, my expertise is PPC, and that’s what I still primarily do.

However, I spend a good couple months this year studying SEO strategies and using a weird site call that’s completely changing the way content creation, SEO, and social media is done.

No joke.

Check out this presentation I put together:

For more cutting edge affiliate marketing strategies check out:

If you decided to promote PC HealthBoost, then Peter and I will personally coach you. ;)

Jul 14 2012

My Latest PPC Affiliate Training…

Here’s access to my latest PPC affiliate training. It’s FREE, just optin and get access to dozens of videos and modules:

Click Here to Access PPC Affiliate Training covers everything from basic to advanced strategies that Peter Dunbar and I put together. It’s a TON of material and training, so enjoy!

P.S. If you want to become an affiliate for our product PC HealthBoost, we’ll be happy to work with your personally (our contact information in on the site). Otherwise, just enjoy the affiliate training, whether you decide to promote PC HealthBoost or not.