Super Affiliate Mindset | Insights and Thoughts from a World Class Internet Marketer

Super Affiliate Mindset Insights and Thoughts from a World Class Internet Marketer

Aug 21 2012

Advanced Adwords Strategies Revealed

Ok, in this video I’m going to reveal strategies I’ve NEVER reveal on this blog before, so pay attention.

Worried about getting slapped by Google? I’ll show you how to make a 100% Google compliant site that will not get slapped.

Want to know how to edge out your Adwords competition? I’ll reveal little know strategies to shot up your quality score – almost no one is dong this.

For more cutting edge strategies check out:

Aug 8 2012

Cutting Edge Hands-off SEO and Miro-Outsourcing Strategies

I know, my expertise is PPC, and that’s what I still primarily do.

However, I spend a good couple months this year studying SEO strategies and using a weird site call that’s completely changing the way content creation, SEO, and social media is done.

No joke.

Check out this presentation I put together:

For more cutting edge affiliate marketing strategies check out:

If you decided to promote PC HealthBoost, then Peter and I will personally coach you. ;)

Jul 14 2012

My Latest PPC Affiliate Training…

Here’s access to my latest PPC affiliate training. It’s FREE, just optin and get access to dozens of videos and modules:

Click Here to Access PPC Affiliate Training covers everything from basic to advanced strategies that Peter Dunbar and I put together. It’s a TON of material and training, so enjoy!

P.S. If you want to become an affiliate for our product PC HealthBoost, we’ll be happy to work with your personally (our contact information in on the site). Otherwise, just enjoy the affiliate training, whether you decide to promote PC HealthBoost or not.

Jun 15 2012

Why I’m No Longer an Affiliate!

That’s right, after being a full time super affilate since 2006 I’m out of the affiliate game!


Because now I’m on MERCHANT SIDE of the equation, with my own affiliate program!

Here’s the story…

Peter, from (if you have not read his blog, I highly recommend it), and I partnered up a while back and decided to team up and start our own software company, Boost Software, Inc. (Explains why I haven’t blog for a while – LOL)

Peter was one of our PPC Classroom coaches and is the top software affiliate marketer I know. We’ve both been successful super affiliates in the software space for many years, so it only made sense to take it to the next level.

Here’s our main product: PC HealthBoost

And we’ve JUST launched our affiliate program. Click Here for more information on our PC HealthBoost Affiliate Program.

Why Promote PC HealthBoost?

PC HealthBoost is NOT your typical poorly coded, cheap registry cleaner that was put together to make a quick buck. We paid a team of hired highly experienced developers around $150k to develop this program. Over 1000 hours went into its development.

We left no stone unturned. We spend 6 months just bug testing our program to make sure it is as stable as possible. We overhauled the interface multiple times to get it RIGHT.

Many merchants will use their affiliates to debug their program for them – not cool. We hired a profesional quality assurance team that cost us $3k a month to rigorously bug test our program.

Why did we do all this? To get the conversion rate as high as possible.

Since we launched PC HealthBoost on Adwords our conversion have been SKY HIGH. Check out this screenshot of our download to sale conversion rate:

Click Here for More Information on PC HealthBoost Affiliate Program.

Here’s the COOLEST PART:

Peter and I will be your dedicated affiliate manager for this offer.

If you have any question or need any help you can email us directly.

If you make 50 sales a day for 30 days, we’ll get on the phone and personally coach you to getting that up to 300-500 sales a day.

Here’s what you need to do next:

1. Go to our affiliate page and Enroll in our Affiliate Training (it’s FREE, just give your name and email to optin)

2. On the affiliate training page click on the blue ‘Support’ Tab to get our personal contact information.

Bottom line is, we GET IT, we’ve been affiliates for many years and we know that high conversion rates, low refund rates, and solid affiliate support are absolutely essential. Our goal is to create a DREAM affiliate offer.

P.S. I forgot to mention we’re offering CRAZY BONUSES of $2-$5 per sale, depending on your net monthly sales volume. This is on TOP OF 75% commission per sale.

Aug 29 2010

What the Deal with QS Anyway?

OK some of you are asking “Why all the posts on Google Quality Score? I mean, damn, I got banned from google I can’t promote any affiliate stuff on there!?!”

Well, I’m shifting gears a bit. Focus of this blog is now MORE for people who have their own product who are using paid search. Times are changing, if you’re trying to promote products as an affiliate on Google, then GOOD LUCK, because you’re gonna need it.

And why am I focusing so much about quality score in particular? QS is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to success with Google Adwords.

You could have the highest converting landing page, your bids and placements perfectly optimized, but if your QS sucks you’ll get a drizzle of traffic versus someone who has a killer QS.

I’ve already talked about a lot of factors that go into quality score and there’s a bunch more I still have to talk about.

One powerful trend you need to know about is that factors that affect your natural search engine ranking are playing a bigger and BIGGER part in Adwords QS.

Some of these include:

  • Authority of your site and PageRank
  • Amount of unique content on your landing pages
  • How often the content on your site is updated
  • Incoming links to your landing page
  • How long visitors spend on your page and thier BOUNCE RATE
  • How FAST your site loads
  • How often people click a link on your page
  • How relevant your landing page is to the keywords
  • The age of your domain

I could go on, but you get the idea. You have to build a real site that of substantial value to the visitor, and continue to build it up over time.

Don’t worry about whether you get natural search engine traffic or not, taking these steps will substantially increase your traffic and lower your CPC.

I’m talking a night and day difference, the difference between making $500/day profit versus $5000/day profit.